About the ‘Author’

Greetings, dear, curious reader.

My name is James. The picture above is me after a four hour writing session.

I like to occasionally live under the fabulous delusion that I have something interesting to say about my life and the lives of others as well as various items of our pitifully young human culture, on this blue orb floating in the vast inescapable nether hell that is outer space. If you’d like to join me on this little escapade then I encourage you to follow my idle philosophizing and odd culture reviews as I do quite enjoy writing them and it helps me immensely.

I’m also a shallow worm of a man that sustains himself only on social media likes, follows, and retweets. Do with that as you will.

The skedge: every three days. Roughly. -Ish. Somehow, some way. I’ve yet to hear opinions on length, but it seems people don’t pay too much attention to that. At least, from the members of my Facebook friends list that get enticed into clicking on this tomfoolery. Have been tending towards doing one post regarding my life and one post regarding an item of culture, a piece of art or song or movie or video game or what have you. Suggestions always welcome.

Some guy with a crappy laptop and an internet connection saying, thanks for reading and have yourselves a jolly good time.